Leveraging Technology to Support Your Employee Engagement Strategies

Relationships take work.

And that’s all the more true with an employee-employer relationship, where figuring out exactly what makes your people tick isn’t always easy.

How do you keep someone excited and inspired to be part of your mission, day in and day out? With the right employee engagement strategies.

Employee engagement truly is a critical component of any organization’s success. People who are motivated, committed, and satisfied do better work: they’re more productive and perform at a higher level. Happy employees are simply better for business.

Increasingly, organizations are turning to technology to turn those employee engagement strategies into a reality. These digital tools make it easy to enhance the employee experience and boost overall business success.

Why use EE Technology

Why Use Employee Engagement Technology

Like most modern-day challenges, there’s a digital solution.  

Employee engagement technology helps organizations enhance employee engagement with tools and features that improve communication, feedback, recognition, rewards and analytics.

Benefits of using technology include:

  • Providing a centralized platform for managing and tracking engagement initiatives
  • Streamlining and automating tasks to reduce administrative burden
  • Tracking feedback and analytics for real-time insights
  • Supporting recognition programs with awards available within different budget levels or points-based reward shopping

Using employee engagement technology will benefit all aspects of your business. Here are some strategies to make the most of that investment. 

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Strategic Foundations of Employee Engagement

When you’re thinking about implementing an employee engagement strategy, there are two angles to consider.

One, what are your goals and objectives? And, secondly, what features does your employee engagement solution offer that will help support those goals? Knowing what to look for in an employee engagement tool will support your bigger picture strategy down the road.

A solution that allows users to customize their profiles on the digital platform, for example, or use company branding will help you implement a more personalized and familiar experience. If a recognition program is part of your engagement plan, make sure to offer a wide range of rewards employees can choose from including company-branded products, top merchandise and gift cards.

Encouraging open communication and fostering transparency are also foundational to great employee engagement, so make sure the tool you use allows you to gather feedback and provides insights.

program examples

Employee Engagement Program Examples

Employee recognition is the cornerstone of many workplace engagement programs. And with good reason: acknowledging and rewarding employees for a job well done makes your workforce feel valued and appreciated.

  1. Recognize achievements both individually and as a team: From winning a big deal to launching a new product, publicly thank and reward employees for their contributions to company success. 
  2. Celebrate milestones: Whether the employee has been with the company for one year or 10, that commitment is celebration-worthy! 
  3. Acknowledge major life events: Milestones aren’t just in the workplace. Birthdays, new babies, marriages, and other special occasions are a big part of your employee’s life and should be celebrated. 
  4. Commemorate retirement: This capstone moment is the perfect time to celebrate the employee’s lifetime of contributions while inspiring the rest of the team.

Look for a solution that makes it easy for everyone to celebrate achievements and milestones with user-friendly reward shopping, robust gift selections and peer-to-peer digital communication.

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Other Employee Engagement Initiatives

The big moments like promotions, service anniversaries and major performance successes are memorable. But the smaller, everyday moments matter too.

Make sure to incorporate employee engagement initiatives that address the daily wins, too.

That could include, for example:

  • Company-wide spotlights sharing regular news and updates
  • Incentive programs encouraging specific behaviors
  • Health and wellness challenges
  • Social events, either virtual or in-person
  • Fun peer-to-peer communication with GIFs, images, and e-cards

Initiatives like these foster a more inclusive community that recognizes and celebrates each member’s contributions to overall company success.

How Employee Recognition Programs Increase Employee Engagement

Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated – it’s right there on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

When employees are recognized for their contributions and achievements, it creates a more positive workplace environment that enhances overall company performance.

Employee recognition programs increase employee engagement by:

  • Boosting motivation and morale
  • Encouraging a celebratory, supportive company culture
  • Fostering a sense of belonging and community
  • Increasing employee loyalty and commitment

And that engagement has a significant impact on your business. A stand-out employee experience supports recruitment and retention, connects your employees with your company’s mission and values, improves employee productivity, and fuels business growth.

trust experts

Trust Employee Engagement Experts

Working with an expert in employee engagement can help you create a truly exceptional experience that helps attract and retain top talent. The right partner can be transformative, helping you achieve real-world business impacts with less stress or hassle.

Inspirus is a go-to employee engagement solutions provider with decades of experience helping organizations uplift their most important asset: their people. Our comprehensive, user-friendly platform gives companies the tools they need to transform cultures in meaningful ways and create thriving workplace environments.

With a dedicated customer success team supporting you, you have access to not only a proven solution but also strategic guidance and insights every step of the way.

FAQ’s About Employee Engagement Technology and Tools

What is the process for implementing an employee engagement solution?

We work closely with you to ensure a holistic solution that suits your needs. Our process-based methodology includes four phases: discover, design, develop and deliver. From straightforward programs that can be rolled out within weeks to more complex solutions that require customization, our team is with you before, during and after implementation to ensure success.

How can employee engagement technology help measure engagement impact?

Our platform provides key data and analytics, giving you insight into the measurable impact of your engagement program. Dashboards, survey tools and reports are built into every program so you can identify opportunities of growth and replicate success.

I have some remote and hybrid workers – how can I make them feel included?

Employee engagement technology platforms that are browser-based can be accessed from any desktop, tablet, or mobile phone -- they just need an internet connection, and no software updates are required! Since the platform can be accessed 24/7, the technology creates an inclusive culture that everyone can be a part of no matter where they geographically sit.

Are employee engagement technology platforms suitable for organizations of all sizes?

Yes, employee engagement technology platforms are designed to cater to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. The solution can be scaled and adapted to meet any requirements.

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