A graphic that shows all the national days and weeks that you can use to recognize staff in 2024.

2024 Recognition Calendar

This calendar outlines the key national holidays in 2024 that can be used to celebrate and recognize your staff.


Do You Have a Formal Service Anniversary Recognition Program?

More than 80% of HR professionals agree that recognizing employees increases engagement.

Graphic shows a sneak peek of the 25 innovative employee perks

25 Innovative Employee Perks

Employee perks are key to creating a satisfying employee experience. Discover 25 employee perks your staff will love.

30 ideas

30 Fun Employee Appreciation Ideas

Check out this infographic that shows 30 fun and different ways you can appreciate your employees for their hard work and contributions to your organization.


Best Practices for Sales Recognition

How you present sales recognition can influence how it's received. Follow these 12 steps to perfect your rewards program.


Where Does Your Reward and Recognition Program Stand?

Get a FREE assessment that will plot your program's maturity within 4 levels.


How to Engage Your Employees

Discover why employee engagement is imperative to business success and how you can create a powerful team of engaged employees.


Retention vs. Turnover

Discover how much you can save much rewarding and retaining employees instead of replacing them.