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Inspirus' 130-Year Anniversary

Inspirus started as Haltom's in 1893, amidst a world of great thinkers, innovators and pioneers. Today, we continue that legacy, focusing on modernizing the employee experience by making moments memorable.

Inspirus: Your Go-To Resource

Inspirus Connects is your go-to employee engagement technology platform, building and strengthening culture through rewards and recognition. 

The Business Impacts of Employee Happiness and Engagement Webinar

 Discover what really makes employees happy and why that is important, how happiness leads to employee engagement and get a peek into how neuroscience gives organizations huge insights into an organization’s cultural health and what you can do with them! 

Inspirus Partners with The Happiness Index

Inspirus and The Happiness Index have partnered to offer organizations in North America a unified technology platform that delivers a pioneering combination of employee recognition, engagement, and happiness.

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As we approach our 130th anniversary, Inspirus is proud of our longstanding role as an industry pioneer and leader in employee rewards and recognition offerings. 

Learn more about who we at Inspirus are, what drives us, and why we do what we do here.