We believe in the power of people.

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Our Story

For more than a century, Inspirus has been a leader in rewards, recognition and employee engagement — helping companies transform their culture in meaningful, sustainable ways. Through our technology enabled solutions and services, we empower organizations with the tools and expertise they need to transform the employee experience.

We foster belonging.

Bring joy to work, one experience at a time—it’s our passion and the BIG idea that motivates us each day. Most importantly, it’s the way we help companies ensure their people feel valued, connected and a deep sense of belonging. Emotional ties that foster greater loyalty, performance, productivity and success in the workplace.



While most companies believe recognizing individuals for their achievements, contributions and years of service is important, not everyone walks the walk. Every day, countless organizations miss the opportunity to harness the full potential of their greatest resource—their people.

As a vital part of Pluxee, the global leader in employee benefits and engagement, the people of Inspirus leverage this remarkable opportunity to benefit our clients. Our efforts are strengthened by Pluxee's global reach, and something more: a guiding principle for positive change—improving quality of life for everyone. 

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We build strong connections.

Good things happen when employees feel valued and connected to the organizations they serve.

Employees not only report greater satisfaction with their jobs, they feel more positive about their overall employee experience — attitudes that translate into a healthier bottom line for companies. A Qualtrics study done at the end of 2020 found ‘a sense of belonging’ emerged as the strongest driver of employee engagement. And, a Gallup study found that highly engaged teams produced better business outcomes, including 43% less turnover, 81% less absenteeism, an 18% increase in productivity, a 23% increase in profitability. So, fostering strong connections between employees and your organization, and between employees and their peers, increases employee well-being and makes good business sense.

We live our values.

As a part of Pluxee Group, we understand that employees are a company’s greatest asset, and take pride that each individual personifies their values of Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress. But their commitment to living these values goes much deeper and has purpose—to create a better everyday for everyone to build a better life for all. 

Inspirus values extend from Pluxee and support our mission to help companies bring joy to work:


We are honest, credible, transparent and reliable. We are committed to consistency in what we believe, say and do on an individual basis and as a company. We respect others and strive to earn the respect of our clients and community.


Led by our company values and not by our pride, we embrace servant leadership and the virtue of putting others before ourselves. We are open-minded and generous. We celebrate the success of others and are humble about our contributions.


Inspirus delivers service excellence and innovation while maintaining a high degree of ethical and moral practices. We strive to exceed expectations by delivering quality products and services. We are committed to nurturing an environment for sharing ideas and encouraging open communication.

Life Integration: 

Balanced lives are essential to employee satisfaction, productivity and overall well-being. While we work hard and are passionate about our service to Inspirus, we strongly encourage and support finding purpose beyond work through faith, family, community and self.


Inspirus places a high priority on building quality relationships and developing a collaborative environment for mutual trust and understanding. We encourage each team member to share in responsibilities and work toward common goals. We are dedicated to client satisfaction and empower each team member to create a positive experience for our clients.

Our unrivaled experience is backed by the strength of Pluxee.

Every Inspirus solution is guided by industry intelligence and designed to build connections that give our clients a powerful competitive advantage. Along with our deep expertise and proprietary offerings, Inspirus is in the unique position to leverage the best practices and experience of Pluxee—the global leading employee benefits and engagement partner that boasts more than 500,000 clients. By doing so, Inspirus delivers comprehensive solutions that drive greater employee engagement while improving the quality of life for individuals throughout their entire employee journey.

Awards and Recognition

We're honored to ranked among industry leaders in employee engagement solutions, and be the recipient of accolades from leading industry organizations.

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Named a Major Contender by Everest Group 2023

PEAK Matrix® assessment of rewards and recognition solutions and capabilities

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2022 HRO Today Baker’s Dozen: Recognition

Customer Satisfaction Awards: 15th Consecutive Year Ranked in Top 10

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Designated a Star Performer by Everest Group 2023

PEAK Matrix® assessment of performance and growth in the rewards and recognition industry

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2021 HR Tech Outlook Top 10 Solution Provider

Employee Rewards and Recognition

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2022 HR Tech Outlook Top 10 Solution Provider

Employee Experience

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2020 DiversityInc

Top 50 Hall of Fame Companies for Diversity

Our Leaders


Tatiana Frierson

Chief Executive Officer


Lionel Koch

Chief Financial Officer


Allen Holman

Chief Information Officer and Chief Security Officer


Terri Moore

Senior Vice President of People and Culture


Theresa Harkins-Schulz

Senior Vice President of Customer Experience and Products


Paula Ambrozic

Vice President of Customer Success


Lesa Blakey

Vice President of Operations and Culture

Be part of a team that celebrates people with unabashed enthusiasm.