Proven employee engagement solutions that help workplaces thrive.

Harness the power of recognition, communication and community building to drive better business outcomes.

Now more than ever, prioritizing workplace engagement and culture is critical to business success. Inspirus is the go-to provider with a tech-forward system to help organizations unlock the power of employee engagement in ways that enhance overall company performance. 

Create a stand-out employee experience that supports recruitment and retention efforts, connects your mission and values with employee behavior, improves overall productivity, and fosters a mindset of quality to enhance customer satisfaction. 

Choose from flexible Inspirus solutions for a program designed to fit your organization. Whether your employees are remote, on-site, or a combination, connection and community fuel both people and business performance.

Why Organizations Choose Inspirus

Our passion for inspiring engagement through everyday interactions and our experience providing all-encompassing, tech-forward solutions that change the workplace run deep. For more than 130 years, we have served businesses of all sizes across industries and geographies.

As a leading employee engagement solutions provider, we keep measurable impact and business outcomes at the heart of what we do. Helping companies uplift their culture in meaningful, sustainable ways underpins our approach to transforming the employee experience with solutions that bolster organizations’ bottom lines.

From discovery to design to development to delivery, we take a collaborative and long-term approach to our partnership with you. Our customer success team supports you every step of the way, including after your program has launched with ongoing insights, best practices, and strategic guidance.

Through true partnership, we help you create a comprehensive employee engagement ecosystem that nurtures the satisfaction and wellbeing of your entire workforce. That, in turn, leads to long-term positive business impact through an elevated organizational culture and improved efficiencies that increase profitability and drive performance.

results focused

Measurable Impact With Results-Focused Solutions

With our results-driven approach, you’re never left wondering if your engagement program is working.

Reportable metrics from dashboards, survey tools, reports and insights are built into every program, giving you key data about employee engagement and sentiment.

Our digital platform integrates tools like the Employee Voice for real-time feedback, our proprietary Recognition Impact Index (RII) that assesses organizations’ cultural health and our host of surveys in partnership with The Happiness Index provide actionable insights.

By focusing on measurable outcomes, we help you quantify and replicate your successes. These reportable metrics support your current employee engagement plans and give you forward-looking insight to fuel future strategy to drive greater retention, productivity and profitability.

A Holistic and Inclusive Approach

We help you keep your people at the forefront. From hiring and retaining top talent to building community among a dispersed workforce, our solutions are based on a process honed over decades of experience.

At every stage of the employee journey – from recruitment to retirement – memorable recognition moments and consistent interactions spark community-wide engagement. Our four-step approach ensures a results-based solution tailored to your unique needs.

In the initial Discover phase, we explore your business, culture, and people to gain insights that underpin success. During Design, we co-create a strategic roadmap for building the perfect fit employee engagement ecosystem. Then we Develop, build the solution, and guide you through the various stages of implementation. Finally, we Deliver to successfully rollout and integrate the solution into every level of your organization.

Inspirus solutions empower you to harness the power of recognition, communication, and community building. Celebrate milestones and accomplishments, reward years of service, monitor employee sentiment, and create long-lasting connections that drive positive company outcomes.

Robust Reward Choices & Flexible Recognition

Robust Reward Choices and Flexible Recognition

With a wide range of rewards to choose from and 500+ brand names represented, we make sure that there is something for everyone.

Merchandise, e-gift cards, travel, experiences, event tickets, charitable giving, company branded products and much more are accessible in 185 countries thanks to an innovative global marketplace and a variety of gifts available within different budget levels. Recognizing employees and redeeming rewards has never been easier, even for companies with an international employee presence. 

Boosting morale and improving workplace satisfaction extends beyond rewards, too. Our flexible tools foster a culture of everyday appreciation through social movements and celebratory communication in ways that work best for your company.

user friendly

User-Friendly and Intuitive Tools

Our solutions range from traditional recognition programs with physical certificates to a fully digital, user-friendly technology platform with intuitive communication and recognition features.

Reduce administrative burden with easy-to-use tools that streamline program implementation and operation for employers. Our methodical, proven process provides a clear path forward based on best practices and is crafted for results. With the right tools and support every step of the way, we make it easy for you to run a powerful recognition program that drives impact at your organization.

Inspire Your Employees With Innovative Solutions

    Drive Engagement

    drive engagement

    Technology to Drive Engagement 

    Employee engagement is at your fingertips with Inspirus. Choose between Connects Plus and Connects Social for a flexible solution that meets your organization’s unique needs.

    Both digital solutions on the Connects platform enable you to better connect with your employees in inspiring ways that drive engagement.

    Users can customize their profiles and activity feeds for a personalized experience that makes it easy to stay connected with peers and keep up-to-date on company news. Social acknowledgment opportunities like e-cards and animated GIFs create fun opportunities for purposeful interaction, while our online rewards storefront offers a user-friendly shopping experience.

    Our user-driven technology facilitates the online ordering process of awards – which are customizable to fit company budgets and goals – and streamlining company-wide communication. Integrated, real-time data and employee feedback surveys provide valuable insight to help you boost workplace morale and satisfaction.

    Connects Plus


    Inspirus Connects Plus

    Strengthen your culture of employee appreciation with a powerful suite of engagement and recognition capabilities, including points-based programs. 

    Inspirus Connects Plus brings employees and dispersed teams together through moments that matter, fostering a company culture that visibly values its employees. Celebrate milestone moments and acknowledge achievements with a points-based reward system that allows employees to accumulate points and redeem them for a variety of generous gifts from the global marketplace. Combined with personalized experiences and a user-friendly digital platform, Connects Plus helps you nurture genuine connection.


    Connects Social

    connects social screen

    Inspirus Connects Social

    Foster a culture of celebration with memorable moments and meaningful rewards.

    Inspirus Connects Social is a flexible way to encourage peer-to-peer connections and cultivate a company-wide culture of recognition. From service anniversaries to birthdays, employees can mark the moments that matter and shop for exciting rewards that commemorate their accomplishments. 

    Connects Celebrates

    honor service

    Inspirus Connects Celebrates

    Mark work anniversary milestones with personalized recognition and sought-after rewards.

    Inspirus Celebrates lets you show how much you value your employees and helps you foster a team culture with a service anniversary program that can be implemented in as little as three weeks. Tap into an extensive array of brand-name merchandise, e-gift cards and quality merchandise available within different budget levels for a best-in-class award experience.

    The desire to belong is an emotion shared by every human.

    Energize your employees with a holistic engagement strategy that celebrates wins, strengthens communication and fosters community. When employees are motivated and recognized for their contributions, great things happen. Workplace culture flourishes, ultimately driving performance and profitability. 

    A dedicated Inspirus account management team supports you every step of the way from design to implementation and beyond, providing peace of mind as you deliver an exceptional employee experience that underpins business success.

    Ready to build a culture where your employees feel valued, recognized and connected?

    Find out which Inspirus Connects fits your needs.