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Inspirus Connects

Build community by improving your employee experience

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One employee engagement platform that connects all employees and delivers impressive performance results

fosters community  promotes values  communicates purpose  increases engagement
  boosts morale  improves satisfaction  elevates culture

Inspirus Connects improves the employee experience by tapping into the powerful motivators of connection and belonging. Our technology-enabled solutions connect employees to their colleagues, senior leaders and company culture. The Inspirus Connects Platform provides a central location where all your people can interact, collaborate, celebrate each other, learn new things and stay up to date on company news and initiatives — activities that create better experiences for each employee and better business outcomes for the company.



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Connects delivers the critical insights and data needed to create the thriving culture that drives success

gathers feedback  monitors sentiment  provides insights  measures impact

Inspirus Connects integrates employee feedback survey tools developed and powered by human insight partner, The Happiness Index. Employee Voice measures employee happiness and engagement, a leading indicator of cultural health, by empowering employees to share their feedback anonymously, 24/7. The survey asks two simple questions: "How are you feeling today?" and "Why," giving every employee the opportunity to be heard. The survey results provide organizations with real-time insight into how employees are thinking and feeling so they can adjust their people strategy and make actionable plans to improve employee engagement, decrease turnover and more.

Make your company a
great place to work!


Create employee recognition moments that matter for individuals or teams, and achieve your organizational goals using peer-to-peer recognition, service recognition, and instant reward options.

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Celebrate with purpose! Create a personalized employee experience for every member of your multigenerational workforce. Builds on the excitement of service anniversaries and milestones, birthdays and important life events.

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Build team culture and reduce employee turnover by creating a community that inspires a sense of belonging and purpose.  Encourage employees to connect with one another and express themselves through social interaction using likes, comments and emoji's.

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Provide employees the freedom to give real-time, anonymous feedback 24/7, so they feel heard and valued. Companies can see, in the moment, how their employees are thinking, feeling and behaving so they can address trends before they become widespread organizational issues. 



Target and reinforce specific behaviors with rewards through a points-based employee appreciation program where employees can accumulate points to spend on rewards from hundreds of brands they know and trust.

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Drive continuous improvement of your employee rewards and recognition program with real-time data that transforms the way you manage, recognize and celebrate your employees. Use that data to measure your ROI by linking employee performance back to your employee engagement activities.

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Employees who feel a sense of belonging are 3.5 times more productive and motivated to contribute to their full potential.

2019 EY Belonging Barometer Report

Help your employees build connections that foster belonging, job satisfaction, productivity and success. Get started with Inspirus Connects.

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