Employee Engagement: HCM (Human Capital Management) with a Heart

Employee engagement today calls for a new way of thinking and doing.

Today’s U.S. workforce is a five-generation mix. Rewards, challenges and communication channels that suit one generation may not appeal to another.

If you’re like the HR leaders we work with, you are increasingly being asked to play a more strategic role in the organization. To do so, you need richer, real-time and business-focused analytics.

Everyone wants tools and programs that are easy to use, improve their performance, connect them with their colleagues and friends, and support them in all parts of their lives.

To be successful in a changing world, today’s employee engagement platform must possess four overarching attributes:

  1. Be inviting and easy to use — top to bottom, inside and out
  2. Create community and unify, centralize and consolidate the way companies drive engagement
  3. Be administered by a true and caring partner
  4. Benefit the bottom line

Read on to explore each of those attributes.