Employee Engagement Needs to Be Good for the Bottom Line

An increasing number of organizations are moving toward centralized recognition and engagement programs to boost efficiency and effectiveness. Yet, far too few are taking what may be the most important step in reaching those goals. They’re failing to prove their program’s ROI through a process that is specific, well-designed and practical.

Read about the innovative approach from Inspirus for measuring the ROI of rewards and recognition that even a CFO will love.

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Ultimately, too many organizations of all sizes are missing the opportunity to convert the results of their recognition and engagement programs into monetary values that the company’s executive team and program leaders not only support, but embrace.

What We Mean by Engagement Needs to Be Good for the Bottom Line

  • Aligns employee recognition and behavior change with business goals to drive the right behaviors and create the desired climate and culture
  • Empowers leaders to design and implement meaningful programs that have a positive impact on engagement
  • Allows measurement of engagement against company events and proves the ROI of rewards and recognition
  • Concisely presents data for better leadership and enhanced team activity

Today’s world of recognition and employee engagement demands proof of improvements in individual and company performance. Leaders need to convert business impact data into monetary values.

About Inspirus

Inspirus believes employees make up the foundation of culture, which is shaped and evolved through everyday experiences that are essential to the development of strong, high-performing organizations. We seek to influence the employee experience through our six Quality of Life dimensions: recognition, health and well-being, personal growth, physical environment, social interaction, and ease and efficiency.

Only Inspirus combines an integrated rewards engine, learning courses, communication tools and analytics into a single platform spanning recognition, well-being, safety, milestone awards and community involvement. Through Sodexo’s broader mission of improving the Quality of Life of all we serve, Inspirus aims to bring joy to work, one experience at a time.

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