An Engagement Platform That’s Easy to Use — Top to Bottom, Inside and Out

Regardless of the task or the user, an engagement platform needs to be easy to use. It must have an efficient and friendly user interface that engages every user.

Whether it’s an executive seeking strategic analytics or a member of the HR or HRIS team setting up a new challenge, the system needs to be easy to access and efficiently deliver what the user needs.

Today’s world demands that recognition and engagement involvement be made easy — no matter what the user needs from the system. And involvement needs to be easy for every user, across every interaction — one experience at a time.

What We Mean by Easy to Use — Top to Bottom, Inside and Out

  • From data retrieval to budgeting, from program management to user dashboards
  • From giving recognition to receiving it, from giving points to selecting and receiving rewards and gifts
  • From creating recognition and reward opportunities to linking with and supporting key learning initiatives

The same is true for supervisors, managers, line employees and even the families of the employees. If your system is easy to use and navigate, it will be far more likely to gain users and sustain engagement.