A Platform That Creates Community and Unifies the Way Companies Drive Engagement

One of the most important distinguishing features among companies with mature recognition and engagement programs is simply this: They have a centralized system of engagement, rewards and recognition that is rooted in the organization’s core values and is focused on the people.

The Recognition Maturity Index™ from Inspirus provides a point of reference and method for assessing recognition within your organization. Once you know where your organization is, you can chart an appropriate course and next steps to move it toward a fully mature culture of recognition.

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This differentiator is crucial for effective and consistent budgeting, communication, and employee and family involvement.

What We Mean by Creating Community and Unifying the Way Companies Drive Engagement

  • Having a centralized hub for consistent and effective communication throughout the organization in real time
  • Being able to consolidate multiple functions on a single system, saving administrators and end users time and hassle
  • Providing a unified platform that makes it easy for employees and their families to share information about the company, co-workers and their community
  • Consolidating budgeting and planning for engagement organization-wide, including rewards and recognition

Today’s world demands a unified, cohesive and centralized engagement and recognition system. It needs to help companies create and facilitate community and consistency within their corporate walls. It also needs to help them engage their larger communities — their employees’ families and their communities. Throughout, the platform needs to create unity, one experience at a time.