Technology Serves Everyone in the Organization, One Experience at a Time

Whether your role in the organization is to envision the future and set a strategy, to enable employees with tools and knowledge to perform, to remove obstacles in their path, or to deliver value directly to customers and clients, the engagement platform should support your mission.

An engagement platform benefits every corner of the organization.

Top four ways an engagement platform serves HR and leaders today

  1. Drives the right behaviors that tie into business strategies
  2. Offers a unified system that bridges the divides among job levels, demographics and geography
  3. Reduces administrative and vendor confusion and complexity
  4. Yields better, easily accessible data to prove outcomes and ROI

Consider These Proof Points

When Inspirus helped a large national retail chain integrate the tracking of sales activity into its recognition platform, sales increased an average of 89 percent in just 90 days. Participation in the program rose by 75 percent.

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Best Places to Work organizations have engagement levels of 67.7 percent, compared with 37.2 percent at other organizations, according to Quantum Workplace, which manages the Best Places to Work program.


Top four ways an engagement platform serves the C-suite, investors and board members today

  1. Links behavior to business goals, which increases the value of the company
  2. Helps retain top performers and reduces turnover
  3. Proves ROI and the value of the engagement investment
  4. Supports company culture and enhances the employer brand

Consider These Proof Points

In an organization of 10,000 employees, moving a workforce from low to high engagement can have an impact of over $42 million.


At one Fortune 100 manufacturing company, quality errors among low-engagement employees was 5,658 parts per million compared with only 52 parts per million among highly engaged employees, according to research by Development Dimensions International, a global human resources consulting firm, in “Employee Engagement: The Key to Realizing Competitive Advantage.”*

Top four ways an engagement platform serves managers and supervisors today

  1. Aligns team actions, challenges, rewards, etc., with department and company goals
  2. Delivers accessible, meaningful data
  3. Centralizes and gives easy insight into their team members’ interests, performance markers, etc.
  4. Is easy and fun to use

Consider These Examples

Managers who focus on their employees’ strengths through employee engagement can practically eliminate active disengagement, according to research by Gallup. Those managers can also double the average number of U.S. workers who are engaged, according to Gallup’s “State of the American Workplace.”*

Employees with lower engagement are four times more likely to leave their jobs than those who are highly engaged, according to the Corporate Leadership Council (“Driving Performance and Retention Through Employee Engagement”).

Top five ways an engagement platform serves employees today

  1. Supports improvement of skills, learning and well-being
  2. Connects employees beyond the walls of the company or outside of their island in the organization; employees can connect with each other, include family members, and share information about community activities and events
  3. Helps the employee’s family become part of the culture
  4. Has a wide range of ways to connect with, recognize and celebrate others quickly and easily, which in turn enhances the company culture
  5. Offers meaningful choices in rewards, competitions, challenges, etc.

Consider These Proof Points

Employees believe the most important elements of a recognition program are the “ability to receive specific feedback and give recognition easily,” according to “Turning Thank You Into Performance” by Bersin by Deloitte.*

Peer-to-peer communications was a top-three most important feature among respondents to the Inspirus market research survey. (First was performance and alignment with management. Having innovative learning solutions was second.)

Performance & Alignment
Innovative Learning Solutions
Peer-to-peer Communications

Employee happiness is 23.3 percent more correlated to connections with co-workers than direct supervisors, according to TINYPulse,* a consulting and research firm that specializes in employee engagement and motivation.

Top four ways an engagement platform serves HRIS and IT today

  1. Centralizes and easily integrates with disparate systems
  2. Gives HRIS and IT a collaborative technology partner
  3. Ensures data security and employee confidentiality
  4. Makes life easier for HRIS and IT

Consider This Observation

“The HR systems of the future are now ‘systems of engagement’ … They may embed and automate HR practices; but rather than being things we do once a year, they are applications we use every day (or they should be).” — Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte, “HR Technology for 2015: Ten Big Disruptions Ahead”*

Top four ways an effective engagement platform serves everyone

  1. Provides a place to go for positive reinforcement, learning and personal well-being
  2. Enables and adapts to your workforce segmentation strategies, whether it’s demographic, geographic or business-unit focused (it’s “all aboard” all the time)
  3. Impacts decision-making and the bottom line through inspiring teamwork, collaboration and connectivity
  4. Creates habits — the good kind — by being simple, fun and easy to use, so employees come back because they want to
of respondents to Inspirus’ market survey said their organization should significantly update current programs and practices to improve employee engagement.

Three most important findings from Gallup’s most recent “State of the American Workplace”*

  1. Engagement makes a difference to the bottom line.
  2. Managers and direct leaders play a critical role in engagement.
  3. Different types of workers need different engagement strategies.